Welcome! Academic Writing I, week 1: April 8th, 2016

IMG_1895Welcome to Sheffner’s Academic Writing class blog.


  1. Read the essay on credit cards on pp. 4-5 of the text book.
  2. Read the longer Japanese article on Bloom’s taxonomy and write a response in the comments to this blog (click “Comments please!” at the bottom of this post; you will need to write your name and your KPU email address; your name is visible to everyone, your email address is not visible).
  3. Watch the video below and answer the questions below (also on the handout from today).
  4. Read (at least, start reading) something easy and interesting in English, write the details and bring them class next week to tell your classmates. “Something easy” means something that you can understand (at least 90%) without a dictionary.

ビデオが「ブルームの目標分類学」(Bloom’s Taxonomy)を簡単に説明します。それを観賞したあとに、次の正誤問題に答えてください。

“Bloom’s Taxonomy”
1. Understanding is being able to write down the information from memory.
2. Once you have understanding of concepts, you can easily see how something works.
3. Applying involves utilizing information to solve problems.
4. Breaking down information into components is an example of synthesizing.
5. Analysis allows you to illustrate how different ideas relate to one another.
6. When you engage in criticism, you are evaluating information.

Today’s class

  • Schedule AW1_schedule
  • Academic Writing:
    • What is it? (definition)
    • Where did it come from? (from letters written by scientists to other scientists)
    • Characteristics (see worksheet Characteristics of Genre)
  • Free writing #1 (private): self-introduction
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Short comment about today’s class. Was it interesting? Boring? Too easy? Too difficult? Did you understand Sheffner’s English? How much? (etc).

26 thoughts on “Welcome! Academic Writing I, week 1: April 8th, 2016”

  1. This blog is very useful! Bloom’s Taxonomy is difficult but I feel worth to attacking!!

  2. I understand that it’s important to set a goal. I want to keep Bloom’s taxonomy in my mind when I study.

  3. I understand that we can decide how to learn by setting a goal. I think trial and error is also necessary to work.

  4. The article is good example of Bloom’s Taxonomy. I think I should have a goal when I try something new.

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing you in next week.
    I have heard Bloom’s Taxonomy in the other class.This gives teachers the idea how to make next classes.

  6. Its interesting how the learning process can be separated into some levels. I found it strange to separate evaluating and analyzing.

  7. I understand that there are some levels and stages when we studying. I’ll study while being conscious of this.

  8. I found that setting levels on learning is quite important. I don’t see much difference between Analyzing and Evaluating though.

  9. It’s my first experience to learn academic English.
    At the beginning of this class, I was a bit nervous because I regarded this class as strict one. But actually it was attractive! Thinking about the feature of fantasy was especially fun!

  10. I have never heard about Bloom’s Taxonomy.However,I understand that there are some levels and stages in our lerning.
    I think that making the goal of our study is important for us.

  11. I found it reasonable to set a goal when we learn . When I learn languages , I lack three points of view ; evaluation , synthesis and analysis .

  12. I uderstand that there are some levels in the process of studying. This is only my opinion that more and more people ,especially children ,should know about that and their lerning abillity will improve more.

  13. It is required of us that we exactly understand what ‘knowledge’ is. I’d like to get more and more knowledge than now and use it on a case-by-case basis.

  14. I have never heard about Bloom’s taxonomy, but I understood it is very important when we study foreign language. I didn’t set clear goal of my learning, so I find and set my goal,
    and make effort to achieve it.

  15. I often don’t acquire what books say, because I don’t try to apply and analyse it.
    Now I understand the reason. So, I remember Mloom’s taxonomy, the next timeI read a book.

  16. Only read the print which was distributed, I barely saw Bloom’s taxonomy. But through reading Japanese article about the taxonomy, I could understand what Bloom said a little. I think this is exactly Bloom’s taxonomy.

  17. Thanks to “Bloom’s Taxonomy”, I could find the reason why I’m not good at speaking and writing English though I’m good at reading English. It’s because I’ve not practiced speaking English so much. So to say, I reached the first step “Remembering” and the second one “Understanding”, but don’t reach the third one “Applying”. So I try to keep it in my mind and practice hard in order to reach the third step “Applying” as soon as possible.

  18. Although I didn’t know anything about Bloom’s Texonomy, I’ve realized that we use it naturally when it comes to write reports and essays in university. This texonomy is useful for knowing which stage we are, so it’s worth keeping in mind and good for writing essays!

  19. I found that setting a goal and trying and failing are important. I also understand the importance of Broom’s six levels, but I thought analysis, synthesis and evaluation are difficult.

  20. Reading and watching about Bloom’s Taxinomy, I see why we learn about it. With bloom’s Taxonomy, I will get a bigger power from my study.

  21. Actually, I have never heard of Bloom’s Texonomy.I was surprised to when I knew them for the first time.It’s because I had thought creating level is lower than applying level.However I realized that this structure is important for me to build up a essay.So I decided to try to remember this and write a essay better.

  22. It was a little difficult that I understand about Bloom’s Texonomy.
    But once I thought it carefully,I feel the construction is important when we learn. I’d like to make use of it.

  23. I think Bloom’s Texnonomy is interesting.If we conscious of Bloom’s Texnonomy, we will be able to write a good essay.

  24. I didn’t know Bloom’s Taxonomy. I understand that it is important for us to set a main goal. When I study something, I set a main goal after this.

  25. I’m sorry to late leaving comment. I didn’t know Bloom’s Taxonomy. However, I understand how important for me to set a goal.

  26. I’m sorry to leave comment late. I didn’t understand Bloom’s Taxonomy. But I learn it is important for me to set a goal.

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