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Academic Writing II – week 8, November 22nd, 2013


  1. Read the sample essay “The government can’t be trusted with the death penalty” (click the link to read it online).
    1. Do you agree with the writer?
    2. Why or why not?
  2. Re-write your #1 essay (the persuasive one I returned to you today). You have two weeks for this assignment. Ask me in class if you have any questions.

Today’s class:

  1. Textbook p. 112: answer the questions on loose-leaf paper
  2. Textbook p. 114 Practice 1: answer the questions on loose-leaf paper.
  3. Re-write your free-writing #2 from last week by re-arranging the sentences to be as disorderly as possible.
  4. Receive your essay #1 from the instructor.

Academic Writing II – week 8, November 30th, 2012

British Club in Kathar (In Orwell's time it co...
British Club in Kathar (In Orwell’s time it consisted of only the ground floor) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Read the magazine article in the textbook, “The End of Privacy” pp 159-161.
  • Read the sample student essay in chapter 5, pp 112-114.
  • (If you did not give me your persuasive essay on Friday Nov. 30th, email me your essay as soon as possible.)

Today’s class:

  1. What are the good points of a good essay? List these in order of importance:
    1. spelling
    2. grammar
    3. examples (facts, figures)
    4. format
    5. organization/structure
    6. humour
    7. logic
    8. “hook”
    9. addressing the reader (“you”)
    10. other _____________
  2. George Orwell‘s “5 Rules for Effective Writing” can be found here.
  3. Read the 2 essays by polyglot Benny Lewis and answer these 4 questions for BOTH essays. The first essay is How to Make Time if You Are Busy (click the link to read the article online). The second essay is How to Speak a Language Pretty Well, Starting from Scratch, in just Two Months. (I also offered a third essay, “The ONE thing that will ultimately lead to success” by the same author; reading this is optional.)
    1.  Did this essay persuade you? Do you agree with it?
    2. Why do you feel it is persuasive?
    3. Which sentences impressed you? Why?
    4. Comments, questions, other.


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Academic Writing I – week 8, June 8th, 2012


  1. Read your essay again, and write an outline for it. Be as detailed as you can, and write in complete sentences.
  2. Read the essay, “Ray Bradbury, RIP” – Gary North writes about Ray Bradbury’s influence on him. The original article is here: Ray Bradbury’s Virtual Reality Universe 
    1. Write the outline, or at least list the key points.


  1. Print out and bring the final (perfect!) version of your first essay for Academic Writing.
  2. Read the model essay in chapter 3 of the textbook: “8 Hours Sleep”.