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AW2: WEEK 15, February 1st, 2019


Well done to all the students who wrote their final timed essays. If you still need to hand in an essay, I need to receive it by email (because I’m not coming back to KPU until next semester) and by Friday Feb. 8th as I must hand in your final grades by then.

I enjoyed teaching you all, and I look forward to teaching your juniors next April. If any of you would like to chat with me after class, come and find me after 4th period on Fridays. I’ll be happy to see you.

Today’s class

Clarification of main points of academic writing:

  1. Define your terms (meaning of the key words in the question, title or topic). E.g. “War means destruction and ‘good for the economy’ means some businesses will get profits from war.” Or, “Japanese New Year traditions include first visit to the shrine, sending and receiving New Year’s cards, giving New Year’s money gifts and preparing and eating traditional New Year’s dishes. There are others but these are the ones most familiar to people today.”
  2. Avoid rhetorical questions, e.g. “Is war really good for the economy?”
  3. Answer the question: “Discuss” does NOT mean “persuade”; avoid using the words like “should” or “I (dis)agree” in such an essay.

For your final timed essay (45 minutes), choose one of the four timed essays assigned so far. No dictionaries, no Internet devices, no notes.

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AW1: WEEK 15, JULY 27TH, 2018


Look at my comments and re-write your draft #1 –> draft #2 and send it to me by email or bring it to the makeup class tomorrow.

Today’s class

  1. Textbook p. 79 F and practice 10
  2. Academic language is specific, accurate and as objective as possible. Avoid these vague, inaccurate or subjective expressions:
    1. hot (–> e.g. 35 degrees Centigrade)
    2. we
    3. nice
    4. good
    5. bad
  3. Check the MLA format for your references and/or bibliography
    1. See the MLA style guide here 
    2. Check the Academic Writing resources page for more helpful links.

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AW2: week 15, February 2nd, 2018

Todays’s class

Write an essay for 2 of the following topics. Choose topics you did not use in the January 19th class. You have 85 minutes. Double-space your writing and add a suitable title. You may not use dictionaries or electronic or internet devices.

  1. If you could change one important thing in your city or town, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples.
  2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Consumers should have to pay for every song they download from the Internet.
  3. Discuss the similarities and differences in the student-teacher relationship for young children (grade school) and for young adults (high school through college).

I’m sorry I can’t be there today, guys, but am in hospital for an emergency eye operation.

it was fun teaching you, and I wish you all the best in your future. Enjoy this life.

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AW1: week 15, July 28th, 2017

Today’s class

  • Receive Sheffner’s corrections and comments on your Essay3 Draft1.
  • Ask any questions you may have.
  • Re-write your essay. This will be your final version.
  • Type up your essay and email it to me as soon as you can.


The latest version of the AW1 Essay2 class collection is available for download here. Help yourself:  AW1_Essay2_Final_All4Publication2

It includes 4 essays by students whose permission to include theirs did not reach me in time for the first printing,  of which I gave out a few copies in class on Friday 28th.


I plan to make a similar collection of Essay3.  I will send out an email to each of you next week asking for your permission to print your essay.  I will then make the collection available for download here on this blog.

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Academic Writing I, week 15: July 29th 2016

Today’s class

  1. Proofread your or a classmate’s essay using checklist on p. 81 (#1-7 only).
  2. Freewriting #1:  something you are v interested in these days.  10 mins (+ 3 mins editing)
  3. Freewriting #2: a problem you or someone you care about has. 10 mins (+ 3 mins editing)
  4. Freewriting #3: write about 2 important or interesting things of people in your life. 10 mins (+ 3 mins editing)

Enjoy the holidays. Enjoy this life.

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Academic Writing II, week 15: January 23rd, 2015

Today’s class

This was week 15, and the last class of this academic year. If you were absent on Jan. 23rd, to pass this course, you MUST attend the makeup class, January 30th, and do the timed essay.

  1. Syllogisms. Are the following correct? If not, what is the problem?
    1. All men die.  Socrates is a man. Therefore, Socrates will die.
    2. All humans have two legs. A bird has two legs. Therefore, a bird is human.
    3. Influenza is a sickness. Junko is sick. Therefore, Junko has influenza.
    4. All Japanese have black hair. Ellen has black hair. Therefore, Ellen is Japanese.
    5. All Japanese people speak Japanese. Sasada is a Japanese name. Therefore, Mr. Sasada speaks Japanese.
    6. A minimum wage helps economic recovery. The economy is not doing well. Therefore, the government should increase the minimum wage.
    7. Public transport is convenient. There are places which have insufficient public transport. Therefore, those areas should increase the quantity of public transport.
  2. Timed essay, 30 minutes. Test conditions (no dictionaries or internet devices). Choose any ONE of the following:
    1. “Freedom of speech does not give the right to insult other people or hurt their feelings.” Discuss.
    2. “Governments should never agree to demands by terrorists.” Discuss.
    3. “Irresponsible parents should not be allowed to bring up their children.” Discuss.
    4. “There should be no compulsory education.” Discuss.

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Academic Writing I, week 15: July 25th, 2014


  • Enjoy your summer holidays.

Today’s class:

  1. Final check of your essay #3:
    1. Formatting:
      1. Name, class, instructor’s name & date in correct position, single-spaced, and on the first page only?
      2. Title in the correct position?
      3. Double-spaced?
      4. How many paragraphs (at least 5)?
    2. No contractions (“don’t, I’ll, they’re” etc)
    3. No sentences beginning with “But, So, And, Because”.
  2. Hand in your #3 essay.
  3. Free-writing:
    1. about your summer holiday plans
    2. re-write #1 in an academic style, for an academic reader whose first language is not Japanese and who is not particularly interested in Japan or Japanese culture.
    3. your ideal summer plans (give your imagination and desires free rein!)

The Days are Just Packed

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Academic Writing II – week 15, February 1st, 2013

If you were absent today, do the exercises below in the textbook, type your essay in 30 minutes and email it to me by next Friday, Feb. 8th, 2013.

Today’s class:

Unit 6

  1. p. 140, section A and Practice 5
  2. p. 141, practice 6 and section B
  3. p. 142, practice 7 question 3
  4. p. 143, section C
  5. p. 144, practice 9 paragraph 1
  6. p. 145, section D
  7. p. 146, section E
  8. p. 147, practice 11 paragraph 1
  9. p. 148, section A Revising
  10. p. 149, section B Editing
  11. p. 154, section B Writing a timed essay
  12. choose a topic from p. 139, Section E, and write a timed essay in 30 minutes using academic format (don’t forget to double-space) and hand it in/email it to me by Feb. 8th (if you were absent today).

Well done, everyone. I enjoyed teaching you all this year. Enjoy this  life.



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Academic Writing I – week 15, July 27th, 2012

Cover- the Art of Non-Fiction, Ayn Rand

Today, we

  • took dictation: some advice on writing by Ayn Rand (from her book “The Art of Non-Fiction”);
  • did our own free writing for 30 minutes;
  • asked ourselves these questions:
    • what am I writing about? (subject)
    • what do I have to say about my subject? (theme)
    • who might be interested in reading my writing? (I.e., who am I writing for?)
    • what kind of knowledge am I assuming they have?
  • reviewed our writing in the light of these questions, re-writing as necessary.


  1. Copy what you wrote about reading other students’ essays as a comment on this blog
  2. Enjoy your summer vacation.

Mountain stream, Adera Keikoku, Nagano, Japan
Mountain stream, Adera Keikoku, Nagano, Japan



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