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Academic Writing I, week 14: July 18th, 2014


  • Re-write your compare-contrast essay (essay #3), print it out and bring it to class next Friday.
  • Print out and email me any other essays you have not yet handed in. Next Friday is the last day for handing papers in.

Today’s class:

  • Individual feedback on your essay #3 (compare-contrast)
  • correcting sentences.
  1. English prefers verb phrases to noun phrases. E.g.:
    1. This would give you impressiveness.
      1. This would impress you.
    2. Students independence might grow.
      1. Students might grow more independent.
    3. You can start using twitter more easily than Facebook.
      1. Twitter can be used more easily than Facebook.
    4. The restaurants’ tastes are not so good.
      1. The restaurants’ food does not taste so good.
    5. Additives tend to do harm to your health.
      1. Additives tend to harm your health.
    6. You can sometimes see the sign to tell people to stay away from TV and take a rest their eyes at the beginning of amines and drama.
      1. At the beginning of cartoons and dramas on television, you can sometimes see a warning telling people to not sit too close to their TV set and to rest their eyes regularly.
    7. Furthermore, chewing well makes your brain developed
      1. Chewing well develops your brain.
    8. Eating too much phosphate may make calcium of your born melt.
      1. Eating too much phosphate may melt the calcium of your bones.
  2. English wants to have the subject of the sentence as close to the beginning of the sentence as possible; in first position, or, if not, in second.
    1. However, between kyudo and archery there are many differences.
      1. However, there are many differences between kyudo and archery.
    2. In that to release an arrow from a bow it seems like archery.
      1. It seems like archery in that it releases an arrow from a bow.
    3. Until you sleep after getting up, you have to speak English.
      1. You have to speak English from the time to get up until the time you go to sleep.
    4. So I couldn’t speak English, I often couldn’t understand what was said.
      1. I often couldn’t understand what was said because I couldn’t speak English.
    5. You worried about living with host family I think it is natural.
      1. (I think) It is natural that you worry about living with a host family.
    6. When you put on glasses, you don’t take some time.
      1. You don’t take any time when you put on glasses.
    7. Which is better shopping at store or on the Internet?
      1. Is shopping better at the store or on the Intenet?
    8. When there was a medical emergency, in the countryside finding a doctor is very difficult.
      1. Finding a doctor is very difficult when there is a medical emergency in the countryside (OR Finding a doctor in the countryside is very difficult when there is a medical emergency).

Academic Writing II – week 14, January 17th, 2014

Next week: we will write the final timed essay in class. This will be essay #3.  All students must complete 3 essays to pass this course. Students absent on this day will automatically fail the course. We will also read each other’s timed essays and my selection of  student essays #2, and do some final free writing.


To those students whom it may concern:

  • finish writing the following essays (which were due a looong time ago, by the way) and bring them to the next (final) class. I will not accept essays after next Friday, Jan. 24th. I am not coming to KPU again after this date. Nor will I accept emailed essays after this date.
    • your timed essay
    • essay #1 (persuasive essay)
    • essay #2 (response essay)
  • bring to next class all your free writings for this semester

Today’s class:

Timed essay revision

  1. p. 148 Practice 12
  2. p. 149 practice 13
  3. p. 149 Your Turn – edit your own timed essay, checking for irrelevant information and adding any important ideas.
  4. p. 150 A – read, and do practice 14
  5. p. 151 practice 15, and Your Turn – edit your essay for runons.
  6. p. 152 Practice 16 – find the mistakes and make the corrections directly on your textbook.
  7. p. 152 Your Turn – do the same for the 6 items listed on that page.
  8. p. 152 practice 17 and Your Turn – add a title to your timed essay.
  9. Hand in your completed and corrected time essay.

Academic Writing I – week 14, July 19th, 2013


  1. Re-write your comparison-contrast essay (#3)
  2. Email it to me (or upload it to my Dropbox account; email me for details)
  3. Print it out and bring it to class next week.
  5. Students who have not handed in 3 essays this semester will automatically fail this course, as written in the syllabus.

Today’s class:

  1. Hand in your comparison-contrast draft #1
  2. Textbook: p. 75 C (the preview sentence)
  3. p. 82 B (the preview sentence)
  4. p. 84 A  – academic language and language to avoid
  5. p. 85 B – comparison forms – Practice 15, p. 86 Practice 16
  6. Read your partner’s essay and fill in the feedback form on p. 81
  7. p. 83 Practice 13 – identifying the irrelevant sentences
  8. Handout – “Writing to Find Out”
  9. Freewriting – looking back on this first semester (10 minutes).
  10. Exchange freewritings.


Academic Writing II – week 14, January 25th, 2013


  • None.
  • Next week, students will write a timed essay in class, so read Unit 6. (If you were absent today,
    • read the textbook sections we read in today’s class and do the textbook exercises we did today
    • email me your “response” essay today.)

Today’s class:

  1. One-to-one interviews with students about their “response” essay.
  2. Textbook Unit 6:
    1. read page 134 and answer the questions;
    2. read page 135 and 136. Do practice 1
    3. read section D on page 137 and do practice 2 and 3 (page. 138)
    4. read section E (p. 139)




Academic Writing I – week 14, July 20th, 2012

Reading each other's essays
Reading each other’s essays

Today, we

  1. handed in our final versions of essay #2, the problem-solution essay;
  2. read each others’ essays;
  3. wrote a comment about the experience of reading other students’ essays;
  4. checked the answers to Practice 9-13 in the textbook.


If you have not yet sent me or given me a typed copy of your final version, type it and send it to me before next Friday.

Next week is the last class. There will be no test.