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Academic Writing II, week 13: January 9th, 2015

We have 4 more classes this semester. To pass this course, you MUST attend the last class, January 23rd, and do the timed essay.


  1. Read your timed essay again and check it using the checklist in the textbook, page 151 section B
  2. Write For/ Against arguments for each of the following ideas:
    1. Cellphones destroy communication
    2. All guns should be banned
    3. No free music downloads
    4. No minimum wage

Today’s class

  1. What are some counter arguments to the idea that
    1. everyone should eat breakfast in the morning?
    2. free music downloads are bad?
  2. What is a “run-on”? Give an example.
  3. What is a fragment? Give an example.
  4. Page. 148, section 12
  5. Page 149, Section B and 13
  6. Read p. 151, section B

Academic Writing II – week 13, January 10th, 2014


  • Finish writing your timed essay and bring it to class next week. This only applies to students who were absent today, or who were absent last class (Dec. 20th).
  • Bring all your free writing for this semester to next Friday’s class (Jan. 17th)

Makeup class tomorrow (Saturday) at the usual time and in the same classroom. If you have not completed the 2 essays or have been absent more than 4 times, you should attend this class if you wish to pass the course.

Today’s class:

  1. 10 minutes’ free writing.
  2. Textbook: p. 144 Practice 9
  3. p. 145 D – read.
  4. p. 145 Practice 10: write your 2 supports on a piece of looseleaf paper.
  5. p. 146 Your Turn – 15 minutes.
  6. p. 146 E – read
  7. p. 147 Practice 11.

Academic Writing I – week 13, July 12th, 2013


  • Write your “comparison-contrast” essay. Print it out and bring it to class next week.

Today’s class:

  1. Class evaluation
  2. Exchange outlines and discuss with your partner.
  3. Hand in your outline.
  4. Take the handout “Basic Reference Citations in the MLA Handbook”
  5. Textbook, p. 79 F, Practice 9, 10 and 11 (p. 80).

Academic Writing II – week 13, January 18th, 2013


Re-write your “Response” essay, spell- and grammar-check it, print it out and bring it to class next week. Take into account

  • your classmates’ comments, notes, advice, etc.
  • your instructor’s comments,
  • the MLA style for citing and referencing
  • the MLA style for a bibliography.

Today’s class:

  1. Hand in your “response” essay
  2. Do the following textbook exercises:
    1. read section A, page 128
    2. do practice 12, page 128-9
    3. do practice 13, page 129
    4. read section B and do practice 14, page 130.
  3. Read the handout on how to list movies, DVDs and songs in a bibliography, using the MLA style (click this link to download:
  4. In groups of 5~6, read each other’s essays.
    1. Do you understand the meaning? If not, ask the author
    2. Do you see any format problems? Tell the author (or write a note)
    3. Do you see any spelling, grammar, punctuation or other mechanical problems? Tell the author (or write a note).
  5. Student survey. Thank you all for your cooperation. I enjoyed reading your comments. They were all very helpful.
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Academic Writing I – week 13, July 13th, 2012

Problem? Solution!

Today, we continued revising our Essay #2 – problem-solution. We did the following exercises in the textbook:

  1. Page 60 – Hedging.
  2. Page 61 – Practice 11 and 12. Answer directly on your textbook.
  3. p 62 – Practice 13 – on looseleaf
  4. p 62 – read B “‘Using conditionals to hedge”
  5. p 63 – Practice 14, 15 + 16 – on looseleaf
  6. p 64 – Read C “Punctuating Conditionals”, and do Practice 17 on your textbook.
  7. Read your Essay #2 again. Make any changes you want.



Read your essay again. Make any changes you want. Now write your final version.

  • Save your document as “AS_Essay2_final_draft_YourName.doc(x)”,
  • email it to me by Wednesday;
  • print it out and
  • bring it to class next Friday