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Academic Writing II – week 3, October 19th, 2012

It’s just a first draft
  1. Freewriting 1: 5 mins
  2. Freewriting 2: same but for a neighbour: edit your freewriting #1 to create a piece of writing that you would be happy to let your neighbour in class read (or write something completely new, or mix the two, it’s up to you)
  3. Freewriting 3: same but for whole class – edit your freewriting #2 (if necessary, if you want to) to create a piece of writing that could be read by the whole class.
  4. Freewriting 4: how did your writing change? Did it change? Which was easier to write? Which was most interesting to read?
  5. Get back  your last week’s papers
  6. Random groups of 5-6 students: share your list of possible topics, then say which one you chose & why. Make suggestions, ask questions, give feedback.
  7. Changed your mind about topic? If so, change it now.
  8. Each person told the whole class about their topic ( title only, not reasons)
  9. Freewriting 5: about today’s class.
  10. Hmwk:Comparison/contrast essay draft #1 – don’t worry about format, or grammar, or spelling. These can be dealt with later.
    1. I just found this short essay comparing private and public universities in Egypt. It’s not a great example (I’m sure you can write something better), but it might give you some ideas.
  11. Schedule for this semester:
    1. Nov 2 – compare/contrast due
    2. Nov 30 – persuasive essay due
    3. Jan 11 – “responding to a reading” due.
First draft - a handwritten example
First draft
Hemingway quote: "The first draft of everything is shit."
Hemingway quote: “The first draft of everything is shit.”

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