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Academic Writing II – week 9, December 7th, 2012


  1. Read the essay by Ayn Rand on the death of Marilyn Monroe (you can read it online here; can you find a Japanese translation of it?)

    Marilyn Monroe
    Cover of Marilyn Monroe
  2. Read the article on writing a term paper by Gary North (you can read it online here).
  3. Answer these questions for each essay, and send the answers to me by email by Wednesday midnight.The subject of the email is “AW2 Dec 7 Homework Name”.
    1. Did this essay persuade you? Do you agree with it?
    2. Why do you feel it is persuasive?
    3. Which sentences impressed you? Why?
    4. Comments, questions, other.
  4. (Option) Read the article by Gary North on writing a book report. It contains useful information for your next assignment. (You can read it online here).
Gary North speaking at the Mises Institute aft...
Gary North speaking at the Mises Institute after receiving the Institute’s Rothbard Medal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s class

  1. A couple of students gave me their “Persuasive Essay” today. I will not accept any more persuasive essays.
  2. I made some general comments about essay writing, using students’ “persuasive essay” as examples.
  3. Answered the questions in the textbook, chapter 5, page 112.
  4. Answered these questions about the article “The End of Privacy”, pp 159-161. (You can read the original article online here: http://penenberg.com/story-archive/the-end-of-privacy/
    1. Why did Penenberg write this article?
      1. He had lost some of his personal information
      2. He wanted to prove that people are in danger
      3. Somebody paid him to find some information.
    2. Who is Dan Cohn? What is his job, and what company does he work for? Why did he look for information about Penenberg?
    3. How much information did Cohn have about Penenberg before his investigation?
    4. Did Cohn break any laws?
    5. What does Penenberg hope readers will do or believe after they have read his article?

Students’ answers:

  1. (1) For “the death of Marilyn Monroe”1. Yes. I agree with this essay.
    2. Saying what I think freely does someone harm. We should think around us.
    3. “That hatred of values has always existed in some people, in any age or culture. But a hundred years ago, the would have been expected to hide it. Today, it is all around us; it is the style and fashion of our century. ”
    Because, various feelings ( especially something bad ) are open to us. The phrase persuaded me so much.
    4. How we can feel other’s feelings? Only saying? I also think by eyes.(2) For “the article on writing a term paper”1. Yes.
    2. I always write essay making only one draft. However, this article says writing essay needs three drafts at least. It is very surprising.
    3. “If your mother has time to read your paper to you, have her do this. Print out two copies: one for her and one for you. She reads; you mark your copy. When your words sounds lumpy, mark them. When they sound confused, mark them. This is a kind of real-world technique.”
    Because, we can’t think of asking someone to read my second draft. I can revise my fault. It is good thing.
    4. We should take time to write essay.

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Academic Writing I – week 15, July 27th, 2012

Cover- the Art of Non-Fiction, Ayn Rand

Today, we

  • took dictation: some advice on writing by Ayn Rand (from her book “The Art of Non-Fiction”);
  • did our own free writing for 30 minutes;
  • asked ourselves these questions:
    • what am I writing about? (subject)
    • what do I have to say about my subject? (theme)
    • who might be interested in reading my writing? (I.e., who am I writing for?)
    • what kind of knowledge am I assuming they have?
  • reviewed our writing in the light of these questions, re-writing as necessary.


  1. Copy what you wrote about reading other students’ essays as a comment on this blog
  2. Enjoy your summer vacation.
Mountain stream, Adera Keikoku, Nagano, Japan
Mountain stream, Adera Keikoku, Nagano, Japan



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