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Academic Writing I – week 15, July 27th, 2012

Cover- the Art of Non-Fiction, Ayn Rand

Today, we

  • took dictation: some advice on writing by Ayn Rand (from her book “The Art of Non-Fiction”);
  • did our own free writing for 30 minutes;
  • asked ourselves these questions:
    • what am I writing about? (subject)
    • what do I have to say about my subject? (theme)
    • who might be interested in reading my writing? (I.e., who am I writing for?)
    • what kind of knowledge am I assuming they have?
  • reviewed our writing in the light of these questions, re-writing as necessary.


  1. Copy what you wrote about reading other students’ essays as a comment on this blog
  2. Enjoy your summer vacation.
Mountain stream, Adera Keikoku, Nagano, Japan
Mountain stream, Adera Keikoku, Nagano, Japan



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