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Welcome to Sheffner’s Academic Writing I class. Please leave a comment below. Thank you!

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Weeping cherry in Himuro Jinja, Nara city.
Weeping cherry in Himuro Jinja, Nara city.

Today, we

  1. reviewed basic paragraph format (placing of name, instructor’s name, class, date and title; double-spacing, indentation) and essay format (5-paragraph essay)
  2. reviewed what academic writing is
  3. wrote a self-introduction using paragraph format
  4. translated some syllogisms


  1. Send me an email using correct email format (see sample below)
  2. Read the textbook, pages 3-6.
  • Subject 件名 of the email is Academic Writing I Self-introduction Your Name
  • In the email, introduce yourself in one paragraph
  • deadline is Wednesday midnight (23:59).
Email format example
Email format example


  • example of university academic paper
college paper example
college paper example
  • How to set double-spacing in MS Word
    MS Word single-spaced setting
    MS Word single-spaced setting

    MS Word double-spaced setting
    MS Word double-spaced setting
  • What is the difference between an essay and a report?
essays vs reports
essays vs. reports

Student self-introductions

  1.  My name is Nagahara. I’m 19 years old. My birthday is June 27th. I’m from Kyoto. My hobby is reading comic books and watching soccer game. I like soccer and I played soccer in elementary school and junior high school. My favorite soccer player is Christiano Ronaldo. He is a very good player and very cool. I want to go to England and Spain to watch the soccer game in the future.
  2. My name is Kana. I belong to the dance club in this university. I’m going to use one of Rihanna’s song, and dance in the SHIKANYASAI on the 21st of this month.
  3. My name is Mitsuda. I live in Kyoto, Kameoka city with my family. I am an only child. As for my personality, I think, I am modest, careful and punctual. In addition, people say that I am industrious. I have no specific plan after graduating, but I want to lead a wonderful life with my family and get a job which contributes to international society. I like foreign music, especially The Beatles. When I have free time, I go walking. Recently, cherry blossoms are very beautiful.
  4. My name is Yoshikawa. I am 24 years old. I graduated from Santa Monica college. I studied Photography there. So, I like taking pictures.
  5. My name is Kasahara. I like basketball very much. I have been practicing since I was twelve. I’m a member of basketball club of KPU and enjoy it. In my future, I’d like to be an English teacher as well as teaching basketball.
  6. My name is Nakaoka. My name means love in English, and my parents wish me to love everyone and be loved by everyone. I was born in January, in Fushimi, Kyoto. My blood type is A, and in Japan it means that I may be a scrupulous type. Now, I have a part-time job as a event hostess, so if you discover me at some event sites, please call out to me. My dream is to be a stage actress, therefore I take vocal and dance lessons and go theaters when I have time. I want to go to Broadway and appreciate stages, especially musical, someday.
  7. My name is Yamauchi and my nick name is cherry or chieri. My birthday is in April.I like walking outside to find nice cafe. Eating sweets and enjoy chatting with my friends are my hobbies. I also like to read book. I like detective stories. Agatha Christie is my favorite author. Her books are very interesting, so please read her books if you have time.
    I’m sorry that I couldn’t attend class last week. I started to teach English and Japanese at private school from this month, so I had to go there early to prepare my first lecture. I promise to attend class without absence from next lecture.
  8. I am Miyagi. I am from Okinawa and I live in Kyoto. I like to play soccer very much. I want to read English books after graduating by myself. I like watching TV,too. I am happy to know you.
  9. I am Tanaka. I am 19 years old. I was born in Kyoto, and still live there. I like listening to music. I like watching movies too. I prefer sea to mountain. I went to America when I was 15 years old.
  10. My name is Suetsugu. We are a family of four. I have my younger brother. He will be nineteen years old this year. He go to Kyoto Institute of Technology. I am a manager of girl’s basketball club. And I work at Starbucks and Kurazushi. I love Starbucks. It is so helpful for me to work there.
  11. My name is Kitamura. Number of my family member is four. My parents run a convenience store. I have one sister. She is 2 years younger than me.
    I live in Osaka with my family. I go to school by train .
    My hobby is reading. My favorite authors are Banana Yoshimoto, Asada Jiro, and Tolkien. I like also Kazuo Ishiguro, but I read only ” Never Let Me Go”, so I want to read his books more.
  12. I am one of your Writing student. Let me introduce myself.
    My name is Kamioka. I’m from Kochi, and now I live in Kyoto. My family is 6 member. Mother, father, older brother, grandmother, grandfather, and aunt. My brother is university student, so he live in Osaka. I belong to archery club now. I like listening to music, and reading book. My hobby is go to shrine and temple, and eating Japanese sweets. I would like to go abroad to trip someday. I want to be working TV station or airport. I would like to talk to you in English!
  13. I am one of your Academic Writing students. Let me introduce myself.
    I am Chihiro and from Shiga, Hikone. My hometown is famous for “Hikonyan,” a charactor of a cat. I like London because its city and buildings are very beautiful ! nice to meet you 😀
  14. My name is Sawamura. I live in Kyoto with my mother and grandmother. My parents divorced as soon as I was born, so I don’t know my father’s face. My mother is working in a day service center, and struggling to get some good qualifications for the job.
    The reason why I decided to go to this university is because I had a great experience of going to England in high school. In England, everything I saw was fresh to me. But I couldn’t explain well what I want to do in English. Then I felt the necessity of English.
    My hobby is listening to music, especially hiphop, jazz, house music and reggae. I often go to night club to see a musical performance. Music makes me happy and fine. it is essential element for me.
    I also like French literature, culture and art. One of my favorite word is “un coup de des jamais n’abolira le hasard” by Stephane Mallarme. I often read the poem in library. It has deep meaning and surrealistic images in its sea of words.
    Recently I started to take a lesson of French in Kansai Nichifutsu Gakkan. French is difficult but it is beautiful language like music. I want to go to France and speak French fluently. Please tell me about French culture sometime.
  15. My name is Tomita, as you know. I’m originally from Sapporo, Hokkaido. I was born and raised there. I live in Shichiku now. My birthday is May 13th. I’m going to be 20 years old next month. I hope someone gives me something as a present. My blood type is A.
    I like reading books. I’m reading Melville’s “Moby-Dick Or The Whale” these days. It’s getting boring a bit. I also like music. I play the bass in my band. I use the Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray. It’s pretty cool.
    I’m broke. I am usually broke. I hope someone give me money sincerely.
  16. My name is Sayako. I’m from Okayama that is said to be “Hare no Kuni.” In short, it rains very little. I love music. I belong to the light music club. My hobby is playing the bass and listening to music. I want to talk with foreigners in English without any trouble. So, please teach me how to write correct English.
  17. My name is Kuriaki. I’m 19 years old. I belong to hula dance club in this university. I like dancing Hawaiian dance. Last Spring vacation, I went to Canada to improve my English. That trip was so nice! And I thought, I want to talk with other country people more! So I want to be able to speak English more fluently.
    Thank you for reading.
  18. Let me introduce myself. I’m Risa. I’m from Aichi, and I live in Kyoto now. I like to play handball, drink a milk, and take a bath. I’d like to go England someday.
  19. I am one of your Academic Writing students. Let me introduce myself. My name is Furuichi. I am 19 years old. I am from Osaka and still living there. My hobbies are playing soccer and taking a walk with a dog named Riku, one of my family members. My goal in Kyoto Prefectural University is getting English language ability and being able to speak with native speakers. So I’m glad to attend your class.
  20. I am Ogawa, one of your Academic Writing students. Let me introduce myself. I like watching soccer game. So I belong to soccer club in this university. Practices are on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I’m looking foward to it every week.
  21. Let me introduce myself. I’m Mori. I was born and grown in Maizuru,a port town in Kyoto prefecture. Just a country city, but I’m proud of the only advantage that we can have a good seafood. I like music, I love listening of course, I love playing. Now I play the trumpet, the guitar, and the electronic piano, and belong to Rock(pop?) Music Society, and Jazz Music Circle. In my departure study, I’m interested in e.e.cumming,an american poet , and Ralf Isau ,a german writer in juvenile literature. I hope I can learn about manners in written English.
  22. Please call me Wako. My hometown is Yosano town, which is a small town in the north of Kyoto. I’m now living in Kyoto city alone. I like music very much and belong to a jazz circle. I enjoy playing the trombone every day.
  23. My name is Sakai. I love music very much. I belong to the chorus club. I feel a sense of closeness to music because I grew up near it. My family love music, too. My parents and my sister once belonged to brass band club. My father and sister blows the trumpet. My sister also plays the oboe. My mother plays the piano and flute. I can’t play any musical instruments, but I am a member of music lovers.
  24. My name is Ishihara. I am from Nagoya in Aichi. I have been living myself for a year. At first, it is difficult for me to cook my own food. But now, I have fun of cooking and washing the dishes.
  25. My name is Emi. My father named me Emi. I like my name. I was born in Kyoto. I still live in Kyoto with my family. I go to Kyoto Prefectural University. I study the Western language and culture. I belong to Aikido club. I like the martial arts. I love Aikido. My hobby is reading books. I like reading mystery novels.
    I would like to increase my vocabulary. Nice to meet you.
  26. My name is Kondo. My family has 3 people, mother, me, youger brother. My mother used to teach English at a vocational school. But now she works at Nagoya university to help students as a guide of studying foreign countries. My brother has retired his senior high school last year to make his dream come true and looks joyful than before. I started to play table tennis when I was 11 years old and now too.

    My hometown is chikusa word Nagoya, which is one of the most famous cities in Japan. Because my house is near the Nagoya Dome, I’m big fan of Dragons. I’m worrying about the team’s weakening because of changing the supervisor.

    The most interesting to me is fashion. My goal after graduating is to get a job related to fashion. To do it, I’m studying French and culture of France to feel the most advanced creativity . So if do me a favour, please tell me about culture of France and French.

  27. My name is Ryo. I’m from Tsu city in the Mie. I like umeboshi, natto, tempura, sushi, and Niku-jaga.I’m very pleased to come Kyoto and enjoying happy days. I work for a clam school. I feel it very hard to teach things to my students,but I simultaneously feel it worthwhile a lot. My dream in childhood was to be a NINJA because I loved to lead “NARUTO”. However, It was not possible to become a NINJA instead of being shouted “NANJA”!!
  28. I am one of your Academic Writing students.
    Let me introduce myself.
    I am from Kyoto .I am nineteen years old. I will be twenty years old this October. I am a student of Kyoto prefectural university. I have studied language ,culture and history in Europe and North America for a year . I am interested not only in English but also in German. Therefore, I am going to go to Regensburg in this summer. I want to come in Germany culture. I belong to the tennis club. It has been a year since I began to play tennis .I like playing tennis . I like our tennis team.
    I am going to have a job using English language ability. Therefore,I would like to improve my English language ability. I want to be able to communicate in English fluently. that’s all. Thank you for your reading.
  29. I am one of the Academic Writing student. Let me introduce myself.
    My name is Kaori. I am 19 years old. I am Kyoto Prefectural University student. My hometown is Ayabe city. Now, I live in Kyoto city alone. I like eating and sleeping!
    I have one younger sister. She is 17 years old. Her birthday and my birthday are in September. Every year, our parents celebrate us only one day, so sometimes I didn’t be celebrated on my birthday.
    I am not good at English. But I want to be a good English writer and speaker. So I will study hard.
  30. My name is Yasuda. I had learned ballet since I was three. And now, I like to go to theaters to see ballet and musical very much. My mother teaches children how to play the piano, and I like to play the piano, too. But, unfortunately, I cannot play the piano on a daily basis because I don’t have a piano in my lodgings. So now I like to listen to musics very much.


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