AW2: Week 9, December 7th, 2018


Essay #4 Class Collection is now ready and can be downloaded here: [wpdm_package id=’1459′]

Thank you to all those students who graciously gave permission for their essay to appear. (Note: this document is password-protected which limits printing and changes made to the document.)


  • Write draft 1 (typed) of your response essay (if you have already shown me your typed complete essay, then this will be draft 2)
  • email it to me by next Friday Dec. 14th
  • Print it out and bring to class Dec. 14th.

Today’s class

  1. 1-to-1 conferencing
  2. Textbook:
    1. p. 116 practice 3
    2. p. 120 practice 5
    3. p. 121 practice 6
    4. p. 123 practice 7
    5. Read the article “Don’t Shoot” (pp. 162-3)
    6. p. 115 practice 2