AW2: WEEK 8, December 1st, 2017


Read the sample essay on pp 113-4 and the “Privacy” essay in the Appendix, pp. 159-161.

(Send me your essay #4 final draft, if you have not already done so.)

Today’s class

  1. To think like a Westerner, practice asking (and answering) yourself “why?”
  2. Topic sentence worksheet – rewrite
  3. Connected sentence-writing
    1. Analysis
  4. Essay #5 – Response essay – is due Dec. 22nd.
  5. Essay #6 – Timed essays – are to be done in class in January
  6. To pass this class, you must complete 3 essays this semester of  a satisfactory quality.
  7. Read the first paragraph of the sample essay on p. 113
  8. Write a similar paragraph in response to today’s reading about GMOs, including the “Works cited”.

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