1. Write an outline and introductory paragraph for a response essay to this article:trump-foreign-policy-speech
  2. What are the “five main weaknesses” in US foreign policy, according to the article? Use direct quotations or paraphrasing.
  3. Cite the original speech (see the sample essay in the textbook p. 114).

Today’s  class

  1. “Entangling alliances” quote from Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural speech, March 1, 1801. (See last week’s handout “Excerpts from George Washington’s Farewell Address”. Download it here: washington-farewell-address
  2. Choose one quote from the list (the one you summarised last week) and write an introductory paragraph about it. (Download the list of quotes here: analyzing_political_comments
    1. Include a summary of the original quote,
    2. a reference to the source (where it came from), and
    3. your thesis statement (your position on the matter).
  3. Short discussion of the homework article “The America First Committee”. (Donwload it here: america-first-committee
  4. Textbook sample essay: how does the writer show which ideas are her own and which ideas are from the original writer (Penenberg)?
  5. Choose one of the two essays in the Appendix of the textbook, and write an introductory paragraph for a response essay about it.
    1. Give the reference.
    2. Summarize the main ideas
    3. Give your thesis statement.
    4. Add the reference (see “Work Cited” in the sample essay on p. 114).