AW2: WEEK 7, NOVEMBER 16TH, 2018


Updated Nov. 17th.

  • Write a review (like an Amazon review) of a book, story, movie, song or article that you feel strongly about (either you love it or you hate it).
    • This is a draft, so you do not need to write a complete 5-paragraph essay
    • It can be typed or hand-written.
    • Bring it to class next time (Friday, Nov. 30th – no class next week).
    • Do not email it to me.
    • Include:
      • the title or name of the original source
      • a short summary of the contents
      • your opinion or recommendation with your reasons
      • “Work cited”, properly formatted in the MLA style (see here for an overview in English)
    • Videos in Japanese on how to use MSWord’s bibliography and citation functions:
  • Update: Email me your preferences about the Essay #4 Class Collection (see below).
  • Update: Option: email me your answers to the questions in today’s class (see below). I do not take attendance, but I do count the work you hand in.

Today’s class

  1. Complete the following sentences:
    1. The title of your persuasive essay should_________________________
    2. In academic essays, avoid rh________ q__________s
    3. All claims must be ______________  by ______________
    4. If you refer to a survey, article, institution, figure or date, you must ____________ the r____________ to the original s____________ .
    5. All ref______________ must be listed in your b__________________y at the end of your essay, and formatted according to the _______ style.
  2. Please select your option and complete the following statements (let me know by email if you did not tell me in class):
    1. I want / do not want a digital copy of the class collection of Essay #4
    2. I agree / do not agree to allow my essay #4 to appear in that collection.
    3. I agree / do not agree to allow my name to appear on my essay.
    4. I agree / do not agree to allow my essays written in Academic Writing II, 2018 to be used by Mr. Sheffner in the future, including for publication.
  3. Read the “Work Cited” at the end of the sample essay in the textbook (p. 114).
    1. Write similar “works cited” for the articles 2 and 3 in the textbook, pp. 162 and 164, using the information given on those pages.
  4. Skim through the sample essay on p. 113-4, and copy out the 4 sentences that refer to the original article (the one listed in the “works cited” section on p. 114). (For more examples, see here: )