AW2: WEEK 6, NOVEMBER 9th, 2018


None, unless you have not yet emailed me your draft #3 (final) for essay #4.

Today’s class

  1. Write a suitable title for a PERSUASIVE essay.
  2. Do not use rhetorical questions in academic essays.
  3. In academic writing, all claims must be supported by evidence.
    1. If you quote or refer to an article or survey or document or report, you must reference it.
      1. Use the MLA style.
  4. Academic essays require critical and original thinking.
    1. “men must think long, and be sure that they have thought in earnest, before they are justified in saying that their opinions are the results of their own thoughts.”
      Excerpt From: “Phineas Finn” by Anthony Trollope.
  5. Textbook p. 101 Section F and Practice 6
  6. Exchange your essay #4 with a classmate and give feedback using the peer feedback form on p. 105.

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