AW2: week 6, November 17th, 2017


Write your final draft for your Essay #4 (Persuasive Essay) and either email it to me, or bring it to next week’s class.

Today’s class

  • mini-lecture on writing persuasive essays in English
    1. Title should be persuasive –
      1. “Think seriously about food self-sufficiency” is not persuasive.
      2. “Japan Must Be Self-Sufficient in Food!” is a good title:
        1. The topic is clear
        2. The author’s position is also clear.
    2. You need counter-arguments
      1. to show that you know and understand the issue well
      2. to show that you have considered other points of view, and therefore your essay is fair
      3. Without counter-arguments, your essay is one-sided
        1. One-sided arguments appear
          1. ignorant
          2. biased (similar to propaganda)
      4. Your topic and position AND REASONS must appear in the first (introductory) paragraph – this is your thesis statement: E.g. “People should do xxxx because (reason 1), (reason 2) and (reason 3).”
        1. E.g. “People should read paperbacks instead of  e-books because they are lighter, you can see how much you have read, and they do not tire your eyes or affect your sleep.”
    3. Many students’ essays are not persuasive because they are arguing from Japanese principles or Japanese values. People who do not have the same values will not be persuaded. More next week.
    4. On a more general level, not only to write persuasive essays in English, but also as part of your general education, I suggest you educate yourself about essential ideas or principles of today’s industrialized  societies (including Japan):
      1. the free market
      2. contract law
      3. property rights
      4. individual rights
      5. individualism
      6. capitalism
  • 1-to-1 conferencing.
  • Request for volunteers to read my simplified story and give me feedback. BONUS – you can use this material for your next essay #5 “Response to a Text”.
    • If you volunteer, please read one of the chapters and underline or somehow mark the words or phrases  or sentences you don’t understand or need to use a dictionary for. Then give me back the chapter next class. Thank you in advance.
  • BONUS: Tutorial video on how to use MSWord to create references and a bibliography:
  • (Click here for text explanation)