AW2: WEEK 5, November 2nd, 2018


  • After receiving my comments and corrections, write draft #3 of your persuasive essay.
  • Bring a hard copy (typed or hand-written) to class next Friday, and
  • email me a digital version by next Friday.
  • Format for your email AND your digital draft: AW2 Essay4 draft3 Name

Today’s class

  1. Worksheet 1: combining sentences
    1. The claim and the evidence should be in the same sentence.
  2. Worksheet 2: Evidence and Warrants
    1. You must provide evidence for any claim made in an academic essay.
    2. A claim without evidence is simply a personal opinion and has no weight.
  3. Worksheet 3: weak arguments
    1. Personal opinions are not arguments unless supported by evidence.
    2. Citations or references are necessary evidence – where did you get this information from? You must cite it.
    3. Warrants are very often general principles. You need to know the general principles on which your society is based. Today we looked at the right to life and how this is related to arguments concerning the legalization of certain drugs and the private ownership of firearms.

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