AW2: Week 4, October 25th, 2019


No class Nov. 1st. Next class will be Nov. 8th. A make-up class will be held Dec. 14th (Sat). Please watch for the official announcement.


  • Write your draft 2 for your essay #4. 
  • Title of your email AND your document: AW2 Essay4 Draft2 Your Name
  • I will send you some comments/suggestions in the next few days about your draft 1 (which you handed in today Oct. 25th). 

Today’s class

  1. Discussion in small groups about essay #4 draft #1
  2. Review of Toulmin model of argumentation: 
    1. Claim
    2. Evidence (also called data or grounds)
    3. Warrant – often a general rule about how the world works
    4. Counter-argument (also called rebuttal)
  3. Importance of evidence in an academic essay. Some examples from news reports that make claims but provide no data to support them.
  4. Textbook:
    1. p. 99 E Use argumentative language
    2. p. 100 Practice 5
    3. p. 106 Concluding statements
    4. Practice 8
    5. p. 107 Practice 9