AW2: WEEK 3, OCTOBER 19TH, 2018


Write the first draft of your persuasive essay.

  • digital copy by email by Friday Oct. 26th
    • file name and email subject: AW2 Essay4 draft1 Name
  • hard copy, either typed or hand-written, to class Friday Oct. 26th

Today’s class

  1. Academic writing < liberal arts < trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric)
  2. Liberal arts = essential education for free people (not slaves)
  3. Textbook p. 99 E
  4. Choose one of the topics you used for homework, and write a paragraph with the format counter-argument, argument, support.
  5. Argument
    1. Claim (must be arguable)
    2. Evidence
    3. Warrant (often uses a general rule or principle)
  6. Write an outline for your essay #4 (Persuasive)
  7. Textbook p. 96 Practice 3
    1. From sentences a and b, choose the one which is arguable.
    2. For questions 2 and 3, label the parts of the thesis statement as “claim” and “evidence”.
  8. Textbook p. 101: different kinds of support
    1. Which kind(s) do you think are most suitable for an academic essay? Why?