AW2: week 2, October 13th, 2017


Choose a controversial topic that you have a strong opinion about, and start writing your first draft.


  1. email it to me (filename = AW2_Essay4_Draft1_YourName   email subject line = AW2 Essay4 Draft1 YourName
  2. Or write it by hand and bring it to class next week.

Today’s class

  • counter-argument means the opposite opinion or point of view. There are is always a different point of view. It is the academic writer’s responsibility to know these other points of view and to present them in the essay to readers. This may need some research. Remember the Pot with the Hole story.
  • supporting evidence – an important part of academic writing is showing that your opinion is based on facts and telling the reader where you got your facts from, so that readers can go check for themselves. This is important because we are dealing with information that cannot be confirmed by our own senses (by seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing or feeling).
  • (option) Textbook
    • p. 93 Practice 1, 1-3
    • p. 98 Practice 4
    • p.100 Practice 5
  • Start writing your first draft.