AW2: WEEK 2, OCTOBER 12TH, 2018


  • Textbook p. 95 “Your Turn”: write 3 arguments FOR and 3 arguments AGAINST the 5 topics you did not write about in class.

Today’s class

  1. 3 questions:
    1. Write an example of a big personal decision.
    2. Would you consult with anyone before you decide? Why (not)?
    3. What was the purpose of Plato’s “akademia”?
  2. Sentence correction
  3. Difference between examples and definitions, with counter-examples:
    1. What is bravery?
      1. Fighting someone bigger than you
        1. Counter-example: Jumping into a river to save a drowning child is brave but does not involve fighting anyone.
      2. the power to cause some action
        1. Counter-example:  Turning on the engine of a car is “the power to cause action”, but is that bravery?
      3. deciding what is best and doing it
        1. Counter-example:  When your pen runs out of ink, you decide what is best and do it, but is that bravery?
  4. Textbook p. 93 Practice 1 – 1, 2, 3 & 5
  5. p. 95 “Your Turn” – choose one topic and write 3 arguments FOR and 3 arguments AGAINST (= counter-arguments)

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