AW2, week 13, January 20th, 2017


None. But if you were absent today, read the parts of the textbook we read in class today. You need to have read this material in order to participate in next 2 weeks’ classes. There will not be time in class to read the material. You must read it before class.

Next week and the week after (week 15) we will be writing test, timed essays in class.

Today’s class

  1. Chapter 6, p. 140 A read.
  2. Practice 5
  3. p. 141 Practice 6.
  4. p. 134, questions 1-4.
  5. p. 135, B.
  6. p. 136, C and practice 1
  7. p. 137, D and practice 2.
  8. p. 138, practice 3.
  9. p. 139, practice 4.
  10. p. 139, E: choose a topic and p. 141, B, write an outline (see also p. 142, outline A).

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