AW2: WEEK 12, JANUARY 11TH, 2019


  1. If you did not give me your Essay 5 Final draft (see here) on Friday Jan. 11th, please email it to me as soon as possible.
  2. Finish the textbook exercises, if you did not finish in class:
    1. Textbook p. 134 – answer questions 1-4.
    2. Textbook p. 135 – read the sample timed essay
    3. p. 136 – read section C
    4. p. 137 – read section D
    5. p. 138 – practice 3
  3. “America First” is good for Japan. Discuss (= write two paragraphs as explained below).
    1. Research the meaning and history of the phrase “America First” – one paragraph.
    2. Based on paragraph 1, discuss (write one paragraph about) the advantages and disadvantages to Japan of an America First foreign policy.

Today’s class

  1. Read a classmate’s or your own final draft of Essay #5. Make any final changes by hand.
  2. Write 100 words to explain in English to someone who knows nothing about Japan about the following:
    1. o-sechi ryori
    2. hatsu moude
    3. “akemashite omedetou”
  3. Do the textbook exercises above.
  4. Do you give your permission for your essay #5 to appear in the class collection?
    1. If “yes”, do you want your name to appear on it, or not?