AW2: WEEK 11, DECEMBER 22nd, 2017

Happy Christmas, everyone


Update:  After the winter break, we will have 4 classes, not 3 as I said in class: Jan. 12, 19, 26 and Feb. 2.  Over those 4 weeks, you will write at least 3 timed essays.  Do your best to attend these final classes.


  • Send me your draft 2 (response essay with evaluation) as soon as possible.
  • Read through the reference material I gave you this week and last week. You will need them to write your final essays in class in January.

Today’s class

  1. Claim, data and warrants (handout) Download the handout here
  2. Practice writing warrants for student-generated claims and data:
  3. Write a response to this class
    1. Define the class (for a hypothetical reader who is not in this class and knows nothing about it)
    2. Summarize the content of this class (this semester’s work, briefly).
    3. Your evaluation.
  4. 1-to-1 conferencing.