AW2, week 11, December 16th, 2016

Happy Holidays!


Re-write your response essay, print out and bring to the next class (January 13th).

Today’s class

  1. Confirmation of the meaning of essay “Majority Rule Equals Tyranny”.
  2. The structure of the essay”Majority Rule Equals Tyranny” (download the annotated version here: Majority Rule Equals Tyranny_annotated
  3. An analysis of some student sentences.
    1. Avoid using “you” or “we”, especially “we”, without making it clear what the noun is that “we” is replacing.
    2. Avoid conversational language in your essay.
    3. Avoid responding emotionally to an issue.
      1. Make sure you have understood the original article correctly before you criticize it, to avoid looking foolish.
      2. Base your opinion on objective facts and bring those facts to the attention of your readers.