AW1: week 9, June 22nd, 2018


  1. Write essay2 draft1 and email it to me by Friday. Bring it to class.

Today’s class

  1. Distribution of Essay 1 Class Collection (for those who asked for it)
    1. Apologies to those of you who asked for one and did not receive: I printed them Thursday night and ran out of ink before I finished. I will bring the remaining copies next week.
    2. Leave a comment about the essays (optional).
  2. Exchange homework.
  3. Textbook p. 50, practice 5
  4. p. 51, read C “Offering a solution”
  5. practice 6
  6. p. 53. Your turn – write your outline
    1. if necessary, re-write your thesis statement


Hooks are not strictly necessary for pure academic essays, but good hooks attract readers, so hook-writing is a very useful skill. Gary North has been writing articles, headlines and hooks for many years. Here is a recent sample. Do they make you want to read more?


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