AW1, Week 7, June 2nd, 2017


  1. Look over today’s handouts,
  2. watch the two videos below,
    1. Claims, Reasons and Evidence
    2. Claim Evidence Reasoning…in 5 minutes or less
  3. check your email. In the next few days, I will send each of you two files containing my corrections and suggestions for your Essay #1.
    1. read either file, then
  4. Re-write your essay – final draft.
  5. Email it to me.
    1. File name: AW1_Essay1_Final_(Name)
    2. Email subject: AW1 Essay1 Final (Name)
  6. Print out and bring it to next week’s class.
  7. Look at the Slip or Trip? picture.
    1. What does Queenie claim happened?
    2. What can you see and what did the autopsy say (evidence)?
    3. What is your theory, your (counter-)claim, about what happened?
    4. Why (reasoning)?

Today’s class

  1. Marking Key handout: MARKING KEY for ACADEMIC WRITING
  2. Common errors (handout next week)
  3. Buffalo handout: BUFFALO
  4. CER_worksheet_AW1
  5. Newton cloze:
  6. Slip or trip? – handout: Slip or Trip