AW1: Week 6, May 28th (Tuesday), 2019

  • For Friday May 31st – after receiving and reading the instructor’s corrections to your draft #2, rewrite it, title it “AW1 Essay1 Draft3 (Your Name)” and send it by email to me by Friday May 31st, or as soon as convenient.
    • Your email subject line should be the same as the title of your document.
  • For June 7th – find a good example of an English essay by either Francis Bacon or George Orwell and read it in either Japanese or in English.
    • Bring the original English version with you to class on June 7th to share with your classmates. You should be familiar with the contents and able to explain it to your classmates (in Japanese at least).

Today’s class

If you were absent today, read the following and do the textbook exercises.

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