AW1, Week 6, May 26th, 2017


    • Watch the following videos to learn about
      • claims
      • reasons
      • evidence
    • Video 1  Parts of an argument.
    • Video 2: Making a claim.
    • Optional  Video 3 : Bullets vs Prince Rupert Drops. This is about a visit to the Royal Society in London to see the original 17th century records of scientists Robert Moray, Robert Hook and Prince Rupert. This was the beginning of academic writing!Watch these videos and take notes about
    • After today’s textbook exercises and mini-lecture and watching the above videos, write your 3rd and final draft of your Explanatory essay and
    • email it to me by Wednesday midnight
    • print it out and bring it to class next week.

Today’s class

  1. Mini-lecture on what is an argument?
  2. Review of textbook points covered last time
    1. p. 21  A Thesis statement
    2. p.26  E – Transitions
      1. As a rule, don’t begin a sentence with “And” or “But”.
    3. p. 27 Because and Therefore
      1. “Because” can only begin a subordinate clause (従属節) in English, and so cannot stand alone. It must be part of a  longer sentence which has a main clause (主節). E.g.
        1. X “Because I want to see Niagara Falls.”
        2. 0  “I want to go to the U.S., because I want to see Niagara Falls.”
    4. p. p. 29 Hooks
  3. Then we read p. 30 G – Write a conclusion
    1. p. 21 Practice 14 and 15
    2. p. 34 B – Title your essay and Practice 16.



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