AW1: week 6, June 1st, 2018


  • Re-write your draft. This will be your final version.
  • Don’t forget to change the essay information at the top of your first page (above your title) to “Final draft”.
  • Save your file as “AW1 Essay1 Final (Your Name)”
  • Send me your final draft by email
    • The subject of the email should be the same as the name of your file, i.e. “AW1 Essay1 Final (Your Name)”
  • Print out your final draft and bring it to class next week.
  • (If you did not give me your essay paragraph  last Friday, please hand it in next time. See last week’s homework for details,)

Today’s class

  1. Read the old AW1 essay I handed out in class. These essays are not model essays to be copied. They include good and bad points.
  2. Use the checklist in the textbook p. 33.
  3. Write your comments – what do you notice about the essay (the good and the bad)?
  4. 1-to-1 conferencing. If I did not get around to talking to you in class, I will email you my comments by Sunday evening.
    1. If you do not hear from me by Sunday evening, please email me.


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