AW1: week 5, May 25th, 2018


  • Read the “Outlines” handout (black and blue) and see how I re-wrote the thesis statements and conclusions.
  • Look at the comments I made about your draft #2.
  • Re-write your draft #2 (this becomes draft #3)
  • Email me your draft #3 (Word document or RTF files only please, no PDFs)
    • Document and email title: AW1 Essay1 Draft3 Your Name
  • Print out your draft #3 and bring it to class.
  • Find an essay written in any European language (see the links below for some suggestions),
    • read it (in Japanese translation is fine)
    • make notes of your impressions – things you notice about the style, the structure, the topic, etc.
    • bring your notes to next week’s class to discuss with classmates.

Links to lists of famous essayists

Today’s class

  1. Using your notes and any Internet resources, write a short paragraph about
    1. what the liberal arts are and why they are taught in Western colleges/universities
    2. what an essay is and why essay writing is taught in Western schools and universities
  2. 1-to-1 conferencing to discuss your essay #1, draft #2.

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