AW1: WEEK 5, MAY 24TH, 2019


Next class will be Tuesday May 28th.

  • Download the instructions on how to create an MLA template in Microsoft Word:
    • following the instructions, create your own template and save it on your computer (or on a USB drive if you are using a public or university computer).
  • Write draft #2 of your essay #1 (the one about your big decision, not the one about “What is an essay?”).
    • If possible, use your new MLA template. That’s what it’s for!
  • Email it to me by Monday midnight. No need to print it out or to bring it to class. Just email it to me.

Today’s class

Academic writing rules and conventions:

  1. Academic writing is not “expressive” writing: the purpose is not for you to express your opinion. It should be fact-based, not opinion-based.
  2. Use A4 paper
  3. Double-spaced
  4. Use indent style not block style (with a nice big indent; don’t be shy!)
  5. Leave no blank lines between paragraphs
  6. Avoid non-academic language (conversational English, contractions like “don’t”,  “isn’t”, etc.)
  7. Don’t begin new sentences with “And”, “But” or “Because” but instead keep them as part of the same sentence.
  8. One paragraph, one topic. New topic, new paragraphs. Keep sentences about the same topic together.
  9. Don’t use “we” without first defining who the subject (“we”) is. “We” is a pronoun: it is supposed to replace a noun previously referred to.

After re-reading the introduction and conclusion of the model essay in the textbook (pages 15-16), re-write your introduction (or conclusion, as per instructions).

What do you think the following three principles mean?

  1. TANSTAAFL (“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”)
  2. The non-aggression principle
  3. Natural givens vs. the man-made

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