AW1, Week 5, May 12th, 2017

Write the 2nd draft of your Explanatory essay. You can change topics if you want, but this is your last chance to do so. If you were absent today, read the parts of the textbook that we read in class today before re-writing your essay.

Next week (May 19th) the school is closed, so you have 2 weeks for this assignment. Next class will be May 26th.

Today’s class

  1. Read the topic sentences of the model essay.
  2. Read p. 17 “D Select a Topic”.
  3. P. 22 Practice 4 and 5
  4. p. 29 “Hooks”
  5. p. 26 “E Use transitions” and page 28 “Because and therefore”.
  6. Read again your introductory paragraph
    1. Is the thesis statement clear and specific?
    2. Do you have a good hook?
    3. Are you using transitions to create longer, more sophisticated sentences?

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