AW1: WEEK 3, APRIL 27TH, 2018


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Update: New essay titles have  been added to the list. See below.

Homework (for May 11th)

  1. Email me your outline for your essay #1 (Explanatory essay)
    1. For my contact details, see the handout from week 1
  2. Write draft #1 of Essay #1 and bring it to the May 11th class.

Today’s class

Summary of what academic writing is.
  • Start with a research question
    • e,g, what are academic skills?
    • what is academic writing?
  • Define your terms,
    • e.g  original meaning of “academic”
    • history of academic writing – where does it come from
  • Collect evidence
    • Observations (what you saw/read with your own eyes)
    • objective facts (dates and names of people, places, etc)
    • make careful notes of what you find
  • Decide your answer (conclusion) to your research question
  • present / publish your answer (conclusion, findings, research results) including your facts which support your conclusion.
    • get feedback from audience (listeners & readers) so that you can
      • correct your language (grammar)
      • correct your thinking (logic)
      • improve your communication to make it more effective
  1. Sample corrected student essay  “I collect women” – grammar errors highlighted
  2. Sample student essay re-written
  3. Sample student essay “How I got to be interested in reading a book”
    1. What academic writing guidelines did she follow or not follow?
  4. Textbook p. 16 Practice 1
  5. Textbook p. 21 “The Thesis Statement”
  6. p. 19: choose a topic
  7. p. 26: write your outline
  8. Here are some of the titles of Explanatory essays written by Academic Writing I students in former years. Feel free to steal their ideas for your own essay. If you would like to read the original essay, please email me and I will send you a pdf.
    1. Year 3
      1. I collect Women
      2. How I got to be interested in reading a book
      3. My part-time jobs
      4. My part-time job
      5. Dogs
      6. The Reason Why I Like Public Baths
      7. Traveling with My Family
      8. One of my hobbies: Cooking
      9. -My Life With Crutch
      10. What I felt in Gunkanjima
      11. My part-time job at Matsumoto Kiyoshi
      12. The driving school
      13. My Respectable Family
      14. My favorite artist
      15. My memory of last summer vacation
      16. My accomplishment: Electronic organ lessons
      17. What is a tradition
      18. Twitter addiction
    2. Year 4
      1. My school excursion in Singapore
      2. Saikyo Zensen has changed me
      3. Recommendation to drink tea
      4. Why People in Japan Like twitter?
      5. Is Bicycle Just a Tool?
      6. My English Life
      7. About my favorite dance
      8. Why I am studying European and American culture and language
      9. The True Thing Studying Abroad Made Me Realize
      10. How to cool down in Japan
      11. Most important things in life
      12. The point that I changed
      13. The words of a blind man
      14. A person who influenced me
      15. An event that changed my life
      16. Gift my teacher gave me
      17. What fencing gives you
      18. Do you know the mandolin?
      19. I graduate from oneself weak
      20. Always a mother affects a daughter
      21. “Ohigan” is a Japanese custom
      22. Abhorrent Handball
      23. How I got interested in my hobby
      24. What Pinocchio says
      25. Beyond Mathematics
      26. A connection when I got interested in sewing
      27. About Benjamin Franklin
      28. A great teacher in my schooldays
      29. Lego Bricks
      30. Let’s Play Musical Instruments
      31. Brass band’s effect: an event that changed my life
      32. A person who influenced me: Shinsaku Takasugi
      33. A great pleasure with pain
      34. How I got interested in dancing
      35. The happiness of my family
      36. My grandmother’s diary
      37. Why I am studying Public Policy