AW1: WEEK 3, APRIL 26TH, 2019


Explain why you do or did something important in your life, e.g. why you decide to come to KPU, why you joined a club, why you started to do a part-time job, why you went abroad, etc.

Remember: you are writing for university-educated English-speaking readers who may not be familiar with details of Japan and Japanese culture, so you need to explain not only your reasons but also your values – what is important to you and why.

Today’s class

  1. Thinking academically
    1. Ask questions before judging, writing or speaking
      1. in order to get accurate information
      2. (in addition to the wh- questions) cui bono?
    2. Define your terms, e.g. what exactly is the meaning of business in the expression “mind your own business”
    3. Categorize: what is “obon”? – It’s a Japanese religious festival. What is “kama-meshi”? – It’s a rice dish in which various ingredients are added to the rice and then they are all cooked together in a pot.
    4. Refute the argument
      1. E.g. “I disagree with Sakuragi because many people who do not graduate from university also contribute to society.” – This is true, but it does not refute Sakuragi’s argument because Sakuragi did not say only university graduates contribute. The writer is not responding to what Sakuragi actually said, but from what the writer assumed Sakuragi intended.
  2. Free writing:
    1. Why do people take off their shoes before entering a Japanese house or home?
    2. Why do so many people visit shrines or temples at New Year, even though they are not religious?
    3. Why do many people in Japan bow even in their cars or on the phone?
  3. Suggestions for learning about Western principles:
    1. The story of Genesis in the Bible, especially the events in the Garden of Eden
    2. The ten commandments (in the Bible, in the book “Exodus”)
    3. The movie Shane
    4. The 1943 novel (and 1949 movie) “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. There is a Japanese translation.
    5. Addendum. These Japanese books are good for learning about principles in general and why they are useful and important:
      1. プリンシプルのない日本
      2. ドラゴン桜 漫画
      3. ドラゴン桜 (TV drama)
      4. エンゼルバンク ドラゴン桜外伝
      5. インベスターZ