AW1, Week 3, April 21st, 2017


  1. Send me another email, using the correct format as shown here.  If you cannot send  (if your email comes back), please try sending from your university email address * as this is whitelisted. If even that does not work, please leave a message on this blog. Thanks.)
  2. Textbook pp 8-9 Practice 3
  3. Read the sample essay on pp 15-16



Today’s class

  1. What did you read in English recently?
  2. free writing (5 mins) about what you read or your classmates read
  3. What are the characteristics of academic writing?  part 2.
    1. Last week’s worksheet is here: AW1_Lesson2_worksheet
    2. Today’s worksheet is here: AW1_Lesson3_worksheet
  4. textbook p. 9 Practice 4
  5. p. 11 Practice 6
  6. p.12 Oractice 7