AW1: Week 2, April 20th, 2018


  1. Read the sample essay in the textbook pp. 15-16.
  2. Review the textbook sections we read today (see below).
  3. Option: Leave a comment about today’s class on this blog.  Comments and questions are always welcome. If you prefer, you may contact me privately by email (see the “About this course” handout from week 1).

Today’s class

  1. Background to academic writing. (Download the handout here: what is academic writing_short_v4  )
    1. origin of the word “academic”
    2. history of academic writing in the West
      1. the trivium
      2. the scientific revolution
    3. Textbook practice 1 (pp. 4-5)
    4. P. 6 C,  purpose of essays
    5. p. 7 Practice 2
    6. P. 2-3, I, A  Define an essay
    7. P. 3 B, Essay format
    8. P. 8, II, A, Audience
    9. p. 19 Your Turn – read the list of topics. You will start writing in class next week. For now, just think about these topics. Which one might you want to write about in class, next week?

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