AW1: WEEK 2, APRIL 19TH, 2019

Today’s class

  1. Principles of academic writing (review)
    1. Ask questions before judging, deciding, writing or speaking – in order to get correct and accurate information.
      1. E.g. before writing about Trump’s “America First” slogan, ask
        1. what does it mean (not what you think it means but an objectively verifiable meaning)?
        2. who first used this expression?
        3. when was it used?
    2. Define your terms.
      1. e.g. when writing about the American principle of “mind your own business”, first define “business” and the meaning of the expression “mind your own business”.
      2. This definition should be objectively verifiable, i.e. not your own personal interpretation.
    3. “A is A” – Aristotle’s Law of Identity. I found a Japanese explanation of it. You can download it here.
  2. Free writing (5 minutes): what was your week like since last class? How many classes do you have in a week?
  3. It is important for you, as students learning to write in English, that you have some understanding of Western principles, otherwise your writing may not be persuasive.
    1. E.g., suggesting people should do something “because everyone else is doing it” is unlikely to persuade a Western reader. It is not a reason for action. Why not? (Explanation next week.)
    2. I explained about the behaviour of sheep. (People who behave like sheep, i.e. doing what everyone else does without thinking, are sometimes called “sheeple” (sheep + people)).
  4. Watch this video and
    1. Summarize in English what the man (Sakuragi) says;
    2. Give your opinion about what he says, explaining the reason for your opinion.

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