AW1: WEEK 13, JULY 12TH, 2019

  • Choose a topic for your “compare-contrast” essay (essay #3) from the list on p. 72 (“Your Turn”).
  • Write your first draft, save it as “AW1 Essay3 Draft1 (YourFamilyName).docx” and email it to me by Friday noon 12:00.
  • Bring a hard copy to class to share with your classmates.

Today’s class

  • Exchange your “Problem-solution” essay with a classmate and use the “Peer Review Form” on p. 55 of the textbook.
  • Read the section on “hedging” on p. 59,
  • Textbook p. 61-2 Practice 12 and 13.
  • Textbook p. 63 Practice 14 and 15
  • Textbook p. 65 C
    • English prefers the order main clause + subordinate clause.
    • This may be different from Japanese.
    • In English, the phrase that comes at the end of the sentence gets more emphasis, so put the one you want to emphasize at the end.
      • E.g. “Our family eats beef every day but on Fridays, we eat fish.”
      • Compare with, “We eat fish on Fridays.” I.e. not on any other day.
    • The reason for the comma after the subordinate clause when you put it at the beginning of the sentence is that it shows this is not the subject of the main clause, which usually comes first (S+V+C).
      • E.g. “On Fridays, we have Academic Writing.”
      • The subject is “we”, but it comes in second place.
    • Chapter 3, p. 69 – read the sample essay “”.
    • Textbook p. 70, C
    • Choose a topic and make an outline like the one on p. 78. You can also use the Venn diagrams on pp 73, 74 and 77 to make an outline.

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