AW1: WEEK 12, JUly 5TH, 2019

Re-write the draft you gave me today, based on what you learned in today’s class (see the points below). Save your file as “AW1 Essay2 Draft2 (Your Name)”. Send it to me by email, with the subject of the email being the same. Print it out and bring it to class next Friday to exchange with classmates.

  • Does your introductory paragraph contain a clear explanation of the problem (including WHY it is a problem)?
  • Does your introductory paragraph contain a complete thesis statement?
  • Does your essay contain claims + evidence + warrants?
  • Does your conclusion repeat and summarize the intro and the topic sentences of the body paragraphs? Remember: no new information in the conclusion!
  • Do your sentences follow logically from each other?
  • Have you replaced negative sentences (“not…”) with positive ones?
  • Have you avoided using “we” (you need to specify who “we” is, first)?
  • Have you avoided using “I” (your personal experience, though useful,, is not by itself sufficient; you need more objective evidence to support your argument)?

Today’s class

  • reading classmates’ essays (essay #2, draft #1)
  • textbook
    • p. 31 Conclusion (read the checklist)
    • p. 53 Practice 8
    • p. 57 Practice 9
    • p. 58-9 Practice 10
  • 1-to-1 conferences about last week’s writing (introduction)