AW1: Week 10, June 29th, 2018


July 25th (Wed) class cancelled. Make-up class will be on July 28th, 14:40. If you cannot attend the makeup class, please consult me in class.


Using the feedback you received from classmates and your instructor, re-write your draft #1 –> draft #2, email it to me by Friday, print it out and bring to the next class.

You may change topics if you wish.

Today’s class

  1. Distribution of Essay 1 Class Collection (for those who asked for it)
  2. Exchange draft#1 with classmates and give feedback using the feedback form on p. 55
  3. Textbook p. 58 C and Practice 10
  4. p. 60 A
  5. Handout – Sheffner’s sample Problem-solution essay