AW1: WEEK 10, JUNE 21st, 2019

  • Write the introduction and conclusion for your essay #2 (problem-solution)
  • Be sure to include the problem and why it is a problem, e.g. state the consequences, as in the 2013 student essay which you can see here.
  • Remember, the conclusion should basically repeat the information in the introduction. No new information in the conclusion!
  • Write it by hand or type it, and bring it to class to show to classmates next Friday.

Today’s class

  • Freewriting: how was your week? Mine was pretty stressful and I was feeling tired all week, including today’s class. 🙁
  • Read the first two paragraphs (again) of Swift’s satirical essay “A Modest Proposal”.
    • Notice how he describes the problem, but does not explain the consequences (this is not an academic essay, so he does not have to!)
  • Write the introduction for your essay #2 (problem-solution).
  • In groups of 5-6, read each other’s writing and give feedback: is the problem (and consequences) clearly stated? Are you convinced it is a real problem?
  • Read the introduction of a problem-solution essay written by a 2013 AW1 student.
  • Re-write your introduction if necessary.