AW1, Week 1, April 7th, 2017

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    leave a comment about today’s class

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Today’s class

  1. Instructor’s self-introduction
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Lesson 1 worksheet and mini-lecture. (Download the worksheet here: AW1_Lesson1_worksheet
  4. Free writing #1: 5 minutes on any topic you like.
  5. Free writing #2: 5 minutes, something in English you are reading now or read recently.
  6. Mini-lecture on the value and usefulness of learning academic writing.
  7. Free writing #3: a formative past experience.

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64 thoughts on “AW1, Week 1, April 7th, 2017”

  1. In today’s class, we filled the work sheets explaining this class and assignments. Then we wrote three free writings.

    1. Thanks for writing, but I’d like to know what you thought about the class (the worksheet, the free writings, etc). I already know what we did in class!

      1. It was really fun to write what I want to write in free writing. I would like to improve my skill of writing with it.

  2. I understood “trivium” is important for writing academic paper. Especially,I’d like to pay attention to difference between Japanese style rhetoric and English one.
    Thank you for your today’s lecture. See you next week.

  3. In today’s class, I thought that reading and writing are jointed together in the deep place. I’m looking forward to a interesting and exciting class! I want to do my best.

  4. Thank you for your today’s class.
    Your speaking is clear, and I could understand what you talking about almost all.

  5. I could follow you in the class and am really happy with it.
    I will buy the textbook and prepare for your next class.
    See you again !

  6. I’m sorry that I’ve looked into another class for your first class, but I’d like to join this class and acquire basic academic writing skills. I’m looking forward to the next class!

  7. At the first lesson, we did free writings.
    You spoke British English, so it was clear to understand.
    I would like to improve my English writing skills.

  8. Through free writing practice in your class, I noticed that writing someting I want to write is really fun. Im looking fored to your next class.

  9. I understood importance of reading for better writing. In this class, I want to learn English writing skills. I’m looking forward to next class.

  10. Your English was simple.So it was easy to understand what you said. I want to improve my writing skill though this class.I’mlooking forward to your class!

  11. I understood reading is important to write English.Your speed to speak is just right for me.I’m looking forward to your next class.

  12. l can’t write my thoughts very well.
    But by writing essays without being afraid of
    failure, I enjoyed writing.
    Thank you.

  13. I feel that free writing is very challenging. I hope to improve my writing skill through this class. I’m looking forward to your next class .

  14. You spoke very clearly, so I understood most of all. Through many types of writing, I’d like to learn how to write properly in English.

  15. I can understand your English almost all. Free writing is little difficult for me, but I feel doing that will be important. I’m looking forward to your next class !

  16. I thought it difficult to have listened in class.
    But,it is very important for me to write academic document. I will do my best!

  17. I decided to take this class, because I’m not good at academic writing, but I like writing English. I want to improve my writing skill through this class.

  18. I’m sorry for posting a comment so late.
    Your English is clear to understand, I think.
    I think writing my thought in English clearly is difficult.
    But, I want to improve my writing skill through your class.

  19. I’m sorry to be late to send comments.
    Actually I was absent from last class but I’m interested in your class very much because I’m lack of writing skills so I’d like to take your class.

  20. I was sick, so I couldn’t go class last week.
    But I will go to this class today.
    I’m looking forward to take this class! Nice to meet you

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