AW1 May 22nd, 2020

This week we will start using the textbook. First, we will read the introductory chapter, and discuss some questions in small groups.

The files are available on Webdisk at the links below. Please download before class. If you have the textbook, you don’t need File 1, only file 2.

From now on, please use the following folder on Webdisk to submit your homework. (If you have difficulty, you can email it to me.)

  • File name – AW1 Upload folder to submit homework


The homework is explained in the file linked below and also in the file on Webdisk (file name AW1 Assignment2 Questions about WAW_Chap0.pdf )

Save your writing as a document named AW1 Hmwk2 Name (replace “Name” with your family name) and upload it to the Webdisk folder named “AW1 Upload folder to submit homework” (link was given in the chat in the Teams meeting).

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Please take a few minutes to answer the survey here. Thank you.