• Read my comments then re-write your draft #2 –> draft #3 and email it to me.
  • Would you like a (digital) copy of your classmates’ essays #2 and #3? If so, please email me by Tuesday July 31st, midnight.
  • If you have changed your mind about allowing your essay to appear in the class collection, please let me know ASAP. Otherwise, I will assume your answer for essay #1 holds true for essay #2 and #3.

Today’s class

  1. Individual conferencing
  2. Who is your audience (your readers)? – see textbook p. 8 A.
  3. why would you need or want to write  academic essays?
  4. Why would you need or want to write essays (including essays in Japanese)?
  5. In the real world, how would you decide what to write about?
  6. What are some difficulties you have in writing academic essays in this class?
  7. what are your biggest difficulties as a student @ kpu?

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