AW1 June 5TH, 2020


  • Choose a topic from the list on p. 19 of the textbook (“Your Turn”). This will be draft 1 of Essay1 (Explanatory Essay)
  • Save your document as AW1 Essay1 Draft1 Name and upload to webdisk by the usual deadline.

Download the assignment details below or from Webdisk.

[wpdm_package id='2053']


  • Quiz on academic writing
  • Review and general comments about last week’s homework (assignment #3).
  • Reading of sample essay pp. 15-16 and review of thesis statement and topic sentences.


Please take a minute to answer a short survey on today’s class on Google Forms. Thank you. (Anonymous – no names or email addresses are collected).

AW1 June 5th 2020 Online meeting survey