AW1, June 26th, 2020


  1. Choose a topic from the textbook “Your Turn” p. 46 (not 48) . Write an outline. Save as “Essay2 Outline Name” and upload to Webdisk by Wednesday midnight July 1st. (See sample outlines on p. 49 & 52, and the template on p. 53 “Your Turn”.)
  2. Do the exercise on NoRedInk called “AW1 Possessives”. Click here to access it directly.

Today’s class

AW1 Essay1 release form. You have all written wonderful essays. I want to use your essays in class (sharing my screen) next week (June 26th) to show examples of grammatical and logical problems as well as examples of good writing. Before class, please take the Essay 1 Release form: 

Please take the other two surveys below, but there is no hurry for those

In today’s class, you will

  1. review some sample student writing from Essay 1 Draft 2 and the instructor’s corrections. You will learn the meaning of the most common errors and comments.  You can see a detailed table of the marking key in the files section of Teams or download it from here

[wpdm_package id=’2091′]

You can also download the overall statistics for this class’s Essay #1 draft #2 on Teams or below:

[wpdm_package id=’2089′]

  1. You are not required to rewrite your Essay 1 Draft3 (that was the final draft), but what you learn today will help you write good Problem-Solution and Compare-and-Contrast essays, the other two essays you are going to write this semester.
  2. do some of the textbook exercises (small group discussions).
    1. Chapter 2. Today, we will focus on
      1. the structure of a Problem-Solution essay –
        1. p. 44-5,
        2. p. 48-9, 
        3. p. 50 B,
        4. p. 51 C
      2. hedging:
        1. C p. 58 Practice 10,
        2. A p. 60,
        3. Practice 11 & 12 p. 61,
        4. Practice 13 p. 62,
        5. Practice 14, 15, 16 p. 63 (We may not do all these, depending on time). c) choosing a topic pp 45-6.