AW1, June 12th, 2020


  • Keep the same topic you chose for draft #1.  
  • Read the notes you took from Friday June 12th’s class review of student writing and make any changes you wish.
  • Save your document with this name: AW1_Essay1_Draft2_Name (replace “Name” with your family name ONLY). Upload it to the Webdisk folder “AW1 Upload folder to submit homework” or email it to me by the deadline of Thursday midnight, June 18th.

Today’s class

  1. In today’s class, you will first visit a number of websites and watch some video.  Then you will have some time to discuss what you learned in your small groups.  Then you will come back to the main “general” group, and look at last week’s homework. Here’s the list of websites you need to visit: 1) 
  2. (and in Japanese here:年ミネアポリス反人種差別デモ

What did you learn from those websites and what is the connection with academic writing?

Finally, please take a few minutes to answer the survey. Link is on Teams.

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