Academic Writing II, week 8: November 20th, 2015


  • Write a second draft response to one of the two essays in the Appendix to the textbook pp. 162-165. (Unless you have a good reason, I strongly suggest you keep to the same essay you wrote about in your first draft.)
    • A “response essay” is NOT a 感想文.
    • You need to take a position (for or against),
    • summarize the article’s main points and give your response to each,
    • provide objective facts as evidence to support your reasons why you agree (or disagree).
  • Bring it to class next Friday (Nov. 27th).
  • If you did not finish today’s classwork (see below) during class time, please finish for homework.

Today’s class:

  1. Hand in your first draft of your “Response essay”.
  2. Read the sample academic reading #5 “False Flag operations“, and answer the questions:
    1. What is a “false flag” operation? Explain in your own words.
    2. Explain how a false flag operation uses ” the guise of fighting a foreign enemy”.
    3. What started the Spanish-American war of 1898? Why does the author refer to this as an intelligence “failure” (with qutoation marks)?
    4. What other incidents might be called false flag operations?
    5. Textbook:
      1. read page 118 D
      2. page 120 E and practice 5
      3. page 121 F and practice 6

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