Academic Writing II, week 7: November 13th, 2015


  • Write an outline and a first draft response to one of the two essays in the Appendix to the textbook pp. 162-165. Either
    • “Don’t Shoot!” or
    • “Homework Stinks”
  • This is a first draft, so it does not need to be typed. Bring it to class next Friday (Nov. 20th).

Today’s class:

  1. Exchange homeworks and comment on your classmate’s work.
  2. The benefits of learning Academic Writing
    1. The origins of “Academic Writing” lie in the trivium:
      1. grammar
      2. logic
      3. rhetoric
    2. studying these can help to protect yourself against being persuaded by false arguments, also known as logical fallacies (link to Japanese language site that explains logical fallacies)
      1. appeal to authority
      2. appeal to fear
      3. appeal to pity
      4. ad hominem
  3. Textbook: p. 115 practice 2 (write answers on looseleaf and hand in)