Academic Writing II, week 6: November 7th, 2014


Email me your persuasive essay as soon as possible.

Today’s class

  1. Write your own essay as a bibliography entry using MLA style:
    1. Author (Family name, Given name). “Essay Title”. Academic Writing Vol. 2. 2014 pp
  2. Read a classmate’s essay and
    1. identify his/her thesis statement.
    2. His/her thesis statement is (not) in the introduction.
    3. Body paragraph 1 uses __________ support (see textbook page 101 for types of support)
    4. Body paragraph 2 uses __________ support.
    5. Body paragraph 3 uses  __________ support
    6. The writer’s strongest argument is (that), ” ….. “
    7. The writers weakest argument is (that), “…..”
    8. Can you think of an argument that the writer did not use? Write it here.
    9. Any other comments.
  3. Free writing: write about a song, play, movie, novel, picture, TV show that you like and which you have listened to, seen, watched, read, looked at or watched more than once.
    1. What are its key characteristics?
    2. Why do you like it?

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